From First To Last recruit Periphery’s Spencer Sotelo as new vocalist

Personal message from Matt Good about Spencer joining the band !! 

" Just wanted to take a moment to introduce spencer to the fftl family. I will be passing the proverbial torch of lead vocals over to him! Spencer is an extremely gifted musician with a killer voice, and incredible talent. I couldn't feel any luckier, or happier to have him fronting the band now. For those that are thinking , "wtf, where did this come from?" I'll give you a little back story. Much like when I met sonny, I met spencer in the studio. We all loved what he has been doing as a vocalist, and the idea was brought up that he could sing, and much like when we got sonny I thought, hey why not? As soon as he got on the mic it was pure magic, and we all knew it was the perfect thing to drive home a new era of the band. Also, it's important to know that spencer will not be leaving periphery or disregarding any obligations to them at all. He's just a bad ass that can be in 2 bands like that. For me, on a personal level, I feel very excited to be back on lead guitar and backup vocals. It's a position I've always felt more comfortable with ,and I was reminded of that quite a bit in my time spent in the band D.R.U.G.S. I could keep going on forever about this, but fuck that! I'll let the music do the talking cause it's gonna blow your dicks off!
Also I want to officially welcome taylor larson on 3rd guitar. This was announced a bit ago, but Incase you missed it, go show him some love. We are all working as hard as possible to make the best record to usher in a new era of this band, so get stoked cause it's coming soon! "

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