Harakiri For The Sky - Aokigahara

We are ignorant. We celebrate Deafheaven for their masterpieces but We really don't know if there Were bands that previously did the same things in better way.
I'm not the biggest fan of Post Black Metal but if you ask me to talk about Celeste, Fen and Falloch I would say "Yes, motherfucker!"
Before the cd was sent to me I didn't know who the fuck were Harakiri For The Sky. Harakiri For The Sky is a young black metal/post-rock band from Vienna, Austria. The band formed by M.S. in December 2011 with the idea to perform a rough and melodic black metal at the same time.
This newborn album called "Aokigahara" is not celebrating the famous character of Naruto "Gahara"... leave out this shitty puns, anyway! Over than an hour of music is enough to understand what these two guys want say us.
A great taste on choosing melodies gives these guys a chance to create masterpieces like "Jhator" and "69 Dead Birds for Utoya". "Jhator" is seriously one of the best song I’ve ever heard in a lot of time, a solid rythmic session gives this song a groove rarely heard during all CD. This motherfuckers pulled out of the hat a great performance and they closed mouths of all other bands which are trying to do the same. Lots of their arpeggios sounds more "rock" than "metal" and the same we can say about the slowly moments. Most of these remind to me the latest Katatonia sound.
The "Black Metal" viewing in songs like "Parting" and "Panoptycon" is really similar to how Varg has produced "Fallen" and "Belus". A view more melodic and introspective about a metal genre too often cold and nihilist, which is not a bad thing, only a different way to see an "Extreme" form of art.
And yes, fuck you thirteen-minutes-songs, these guys have never gone over 8 minutes to say what they have to say. It is however true that with more than sixty minutes of music it becomes hard to absorb in all its parts "Aokigahara", but the effort will be repaid, I promise. At the end the only thing I've to say is "BUY THIS FUCKING ALBUM"

 Edoardo Del Principe

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