INCARNATED: new album coming this May‏

Incarnated from Poland return with brand new full length in 8 years!

Polish death metal veterans (Bartosh – drums, Thomas – gitar, Pierscien – voices, guitar, bass) are back with third album entitled “Try Before Die”. The follow-up to 2006’s “Pleasure Of Consumption” was recorded during 2013 at the band’s own Bloodline Studio and produced by Robert Pierscinski himself. It features 9 songs of unrelenting and heavy death metal in the vein of early Hypocrisy (“Penetralia” era), Nirvana 2002, Nihilist, Vomitory. Get ready for over 30 minutes of intense and uncompromising bloodbath in the old good way!

Check out the advance stream of “Dead Eyes See Nothing" song on SoundCloud and official Selfmadegod Records’ YouTube profile.

“Try Before Die” is set for May 15th 2014 release date on Selfmadegod Records. Pre-orders have just been launched at Selfmadegod webstore. You can get regular CD version, deluxe CD limited to 100 copies, new t-shirt design by Mark Riddick (Suffocation, Autopsy, Deceased, Dying Fetus, Hypocrisy, Grave, Sinister) as well as bundle (CD+T-Shirt). Digital preorders are here.

Hailing from Bialystok, Poland, Incarnated specialize in unapologetically sludgy, intentionally filthy-sounding death metal, which they proudly describe as "Gorephobic Slaughtering Metal" -- like there's any fear of gore in their gleefully disgusting compositions. Founded in 1992 by vocalist/guitarist Pierscien, Incarnated has recorded several demos, minis, and split releases over the years, plus three full-length albums: 2001's “Human Flesh”, 2006's “Pleasure of Consumption” and 2014’s “Try Before Die”.

1. Zombieland
2. Second Side (out of mind)
3. Dead Eyes See Nothing
4. My Brother Cain
5. Full of Victims
6. Death Machine
7. Grave Is Where Your Heart Is
8. Bloody Hands
9. Madness
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