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Answers – Atf Sinner – vocal, guitar

After 25 years of blasting death metal how do you feel about the release of this new album?
I am truly satisfied with “Crusade:Zero”. Our purpose was to open up a new chapter in our biography and leave all the bad things behind us. I refer to our bassist Mortifer's passing away while on tour in April 2013 and all the consequences that followed the tragedy. We wanted to deal with the emotions that had gathered in us, and use them to create deep and authentic songs, somehow based on our own experience and perspective.

What do you think about people who are talking about similarities between you and Behemoth? Are you friends with Nergal and co.?

I think although we and behemoth come from the same musical and cultural background, we have different styles and quite different sound. That's how I see it at least. So to me comments about us copying behemoth or vice versa are just riduculous. As for your second question, sure we have known each other for more than 15 years and we get along well.

Leviathan is a fuckin' crushing song! Usually, who writes Hate's songs?

Thank you. Most of the HATE songs are composed by me. Leviathan is no exception.

Death Metal scene in Poland, you know, is one of biggest and prolific in the world. Decapitated are back with 2 new albums since the dramatic accident that happened in 2006 and they are no more “brutal” as the first times, do you like Carnival Is Forever and Blood Mantra?

Well, yes I do. I am not a big fan, but I absolutely appreciate what they do and support their work. Wacek Vogg is a friend of mine too and I was really glad when I saw him back witha new a line-up. And you are right, Polish metal scene is a real phenomenon and a mysterious one. It's a question for a sociologist (laughs).

Some bands change thier lyrics themes during their career buy you kept writing about the “antichristian” theme since the beginning, am I wrong? What does it talk about this album? Is there an evolution of your lyrics concept from the first albums?

Oh yes, definitely. Today my lyrics are much more profound and “grown-up” than they were, say, 20 years ago. However, the main themes are quite similar – dark mysticism, apocalypse, so called secular-satanism, where Satan means the dark part of human soul, human failure and downfall. As for the new album, let's start from the title. The idea of it comes from some novel, which was written in the 90ties and released by a sci-fi underground publishing house in Poland. It was about a religious crusade, full of arrogance and certainty which ended in complete failure and death of all the main characters. Not a happy end whatsoever. This was the main inspiration for the whole album which is about the condition of humanity and its way to self-annihilation. It's about the world ruled by entropy and decline; the twilight of the civilisation as we know it. It's about trying hard to make this civilisation last, but every civilization in the past collapsed (even the greatest ones) because of human inability to learn from past generations/experiences. We a have a tendency for conflicts which result in wars. This „War Mem“ is so strong in us that it's barely exist without wars. You live too shortly and have no distance to changes and mechanisms that rule the world. Religions are illusions. God is nothing but a deaf creature of mass illusion. Evil triumphs because humans are mentally too small and shallow. You mindlessly march toward self-annihilation creating still new gods. The result of this big human effort is none. Zero.

Will you play live or have a tour in Italy this Winter or this Spring?

We will be visiting Italy in April together with Vader. As I remember we will play in Brescia and Rome. I actually look forward to it. We didn't have many opportunities to play in Italy before so it will be a great occasion to meet with our supporters and fans!

Do you prefer Hour Of Penance of Fleshgod Apocalypse?

Actually, I like both bands equally. I think they are the strongest representatives of Italian extreme metal scene.

Do you like the new Pope? Is not like the former one, he said that if he hears that his mother is being insulted by someone, he would literally punch that guy! (Ndr This is what he said during an airplane traveling interwiev)

Whatever this funny guy says, he represents the very wrong idea which is called Christianity - deeply immoral, inconsistent, illogical and harmful. Old, bronze-age myths that does not make any sense.

Do you listen to modern metal genre like Deathcore or Metalcore? And do you listen to something out Heavy Metal like Jennifer Lopez or Die Antwoord?

I listen to any kind of music. Music can be either good or shitty. It doesn;t matter if it's death metal, rock, pop, dark electro, alternative or classical. In every kind of music you can find valuable artists. Between those two, I would definitely choose Die Antwoord for obvious reasons.

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