Incantation's John McEntee Interviewed on YDBCN "The most important thing for me was to be true to myself and work with other people that also believe in my vision"

When and how did you first become interested in music? How long have you been playing music?

Man, as far as I can remember I was always into music. As a very young boy I would play my parents or brothers records all the time. The first band I really got into was kiss. I was part of that kiss rage of the 70's. That's was kinda my gateway to hard rock and metal.
I got my first guitar around 8 years old but it was a crappy acoustic and I did have much interest in it. But around 13 or 14 I got my first electric guitar and I been possessed ever since...

Where do you usually gather songwriting inspiration? What is your usual songwriting process?

Inspiration just comes to me. A lot has to do with the people I play with.
If the vibe in the band is good I get more inspired. But there really isn't any on or off switch or anything like that. I write almost all the time.

Who are your musical and non-musical influences?

Everything from 70's rock like Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and UFO, to Metal bands like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, accept, stuff like that. then alot of early extreme bands like Mercyful Fate, Exciter, Venom, Possessed, Celtic Frost/hellhammer and what not.. as for non musical influences???? not sure, Maybe Rocky Balboa? I really don't have anything that comes to mind.

How do you balance your music with other obligations like job?

haha... well, now not so well, I lost my job after I played the Neurotic Death Fest with Funerus,. so maybe I don't handle all my Obligations that well. i really need to find a job that i can do wile on tour. but trying to organize everything in life is never easy.

What are the biggest obstacles for bands?

I would have to say money. there is not much money if any to be made in Death metal so its difficult when everything takes money to happen and we don't make much.

What's your outlook on the music industry today?

Its alot different then it was when we first started as a band for sure. its difficult because there are some good things about the change and some bad. I like the fact that we have more control over our band then maybe in the past. that is very liberating. 

What advice would you give to fellow bands?

Just play from your hart! do things your way and fuck what other people say.

Why did you choose to play this kind of music?

Its was just a natural progression for me. When we started I wanted to do things my way, push aggression, darkness and heaviness to a new height! it was easy because I have a pretty focus vision. The most important thing for me was to be true to myself and work with other people that also believe in my vision.

Do you think that online presence is important for fans to find you and critics to find your music to write about?

Yes, its another tool. back in the early days we had to send letters and that would take time. now we can get our news out to our supporters quick and directly. so yes its important and a great tool.

What do you think about downloading music online?

it's ok, our music is more easily accessible then ever before. of course it hurts us financially but it helps in other ways.

Do you think the public and critics expect too much from your new record?

Everyone has a opinion on how we should sound. but we are the only ones that really know. its important to us not to be influenced by outside opinions. I believe if we do what we feel is right, that is all that matters. the press can either come along for the ride or step aside, 

Tell us about your next shows and why we should be there

Will for one we are working hard to make our live shows better and better with time. we are better musicians then in the past and I think we can bring energy and a feeling of true underground death metal to the stage. a very sincere thing for us to do.
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