5 OVERRATED BAND, and you must admit it

Havok is the first one, of course, this band is like the others, no differences, nothing of personal, original, fresh or powerful, the same thrash metal of the last 30 years. Sounds good for fans but for a normal listeners there are no skills in this band to listen to them...sorry

Another question that I ask sometimes to myself is "How kraanium are becoming popular in Death Metal?" The monster who mixed this album have to go in jail...

Capture the Crown were a cup of clichè and stereotypes, there's no other way of viewing, it's the truth, a kick in your mouth.

Have you never listened to Venom and Motorhead? Why you are so surprise to listen "Kvelrelaveraleteak" ? They are a good band but I can't explain all the success, people don't remember what ate on dinner...

This a Dogma, there's no opinions about that, i'm the only speaker of God, this album is truly SHIT spilled on Earth by SATAN!

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