Snails, Romans and Hardcore (War Charge+Alea Jacta Est+Slugdge review)


New World Justice is a pretty solid album! Is Interesting how this guys have mixed a classic Hardcore with a Thrash Metal approach. I heard some influences but the final product sounds peculiar. I'm not talking about a standard-Cavalera-Thrash-core, this is a true Hardcore album, i'm not really into the genre in its deep and maybe there are 2-3 bands really similar to them, but, honestly, I never heard them . You have to listen to this guys to understand what i'm saying. Each one of the 4 songs has a good refrain and catchy chorus. Really well done! 


This is the second French band I heard to mix these themes with Hardcore, I'm italian, maybe they are envious...eheh. This guys did a great job, They are into the "Hardcore attitude", I really appreciate their "AUH" as choirs, I loved. Maybe their formula is to much standardized , the skeleton of the songs is really similar between them but the inspiration on every part of the songs eludes the "problem".
Vae Victis is the right album to kicking in the ass people and to mosh at concerts. You need it!


This two guys are a step ahead everyone. This is a concept album about a giant Slug which dominates the world as a Kaiju. Awesome. Their music? Awesome.
"Sludge" is a too easy nomenclature for this album, they mix progressive Death Metal, Mastodon, Black Metal and other one thousand bands but the final product is really cool. 
All tracks are epic, the choirs with clean vocals really catchy and in the same time the "extreme metal" vein is strong but well integrated. One of albums of the year!

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