Transcend Music to Release "Reflections" from Israeli Metallers FERIUM on April 7‏

Israeli aggressive metallers FERIUM will release Reflections through the UK's Transcend Music on April 7. 

Though a deft mix of metal sub-genres can be heard, the common denominator is one composed of stellar musicianship and memorable songwriting, making Reflections an album beyond compare. The result is a release that offers listeners a new experience every time the play button is hit. While lyrical themes of of personal struggles, relationship problems and the day-in-day-out struggles of a mundane existence can be detected, the potential for listener interpretation is wide open. FERIUM brings it with force and leaves you in deep thought, even as the pain from the body blows fights for your attention.

Stream select tracks from Reflections at

By the Book

Downhill from Nothing

The Very Existence


Side Effects

The Black Eyes

Lust Fool

Caustic Value

Change of Winds

Business on Demand

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