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The "Cycle", near Florence, is a melting pot for those who listen to modern metal music these days, especially in Central Italy. Here some band such as "The Browning", "The Agonist" and "The Algorithm" played their music. This time the Anglo-Indian "Skyharbor", leaded by Tesseract's ex singer Daniel Tompkins played thier music, followed by others italian band such as: "Vaarin", "Set in Motion", "Noiseful Silence" and "Fall as Leap".
The place is really cool, because the acoustic and the sound propagation are really good and so you could really understand Noiseful Silence's power, with all their breakdowns and up-tempos and songs that really made the public enjoy the show. For "Set in Motion" just watch this. "Vaarin" and "Fall as Leap" had just half an hour that had to divide, so I can't say if the performance was good at all.
But when you heard that Skyharbor would have played some new songs, then you could understand that the night in that local would have been something special. The started with "Dots" and "Catharsis" and then 4 new songs, and one in particular...
They decided to play new songs because Daniel sang just a few songs in Skyharbor's first album and so there was a need of new material to fill the playlist. I can understand that, but they weren't ready to be played in a live. They were long and progressive, with crescendos, few breakdowns, many apreggios and they could have been singed by the public. But, as they are not still released, we could just listen to them. But I'm sure that once the album will be released fans would enjoy singing the songs of the good Daniel, that is becoming a "Jared Leto" of heavy metal.
Concert ending dedicated to Celestial and to those who have not singed:

I lost my way, I'm fine

I lost my way

I lost my way

I don't know and I don't care

Cry... we're free again, Celestial

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