What Really Grind My Gears (July 2014)

#5 Manowar rhymes. Aaaaalways the same: ‘‘Night/Fight’’, ‘‘Sky/Die’’, and then ‘‘Metal/Metal’’.

#4 New Dragonforce’s song, ‘‘The Game’’, that SHOULD be a featuring with Matt Heafy, but I still 
can’t understand where he is in that song

#3 Grindcore bands with horripilant names. How the fuck can you call your band ‘‘Prostitute     Disfigurment’’ or ‘‘Defecation?! 

#2The asshole that stole my shoe while I was doing crowd surfing at a concert.

#1 Every band that is formed by dinosaurs, touring since the ‘70s and that still tries to make CDs. Just a recent example: Redeemer Of The Soul

Written by Lorenzo Allegri
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